We are a Recovery Companion agency that specializes in providing Recovery Companions for people struggling with addiction and mental health issues.

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Recovery Companions

Our Recovery Companions are highly experienced and professionally trained men and women of various ages — passionate, proactive, highly discreet, and always professional. They can support a client anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months — whatever it takes until the client feels comfortable and ready to take on fully independent living…read more


Asking for help and seeking treatment is one of the most challenging first steps individuals take in their lifetime.  For family members and friends who are considering intervention as an option, we are here to help — and experienced at doing so…read more

Recovery Transport

For those seeking Recovery Transport for themselves or a family member, Gemma Recovery Group offers professional Recovery Companions to help with the transition to treatment or sober living.  Traveling to different surroundings before or in early recovery often comes with a wave of challenges and obstacles — all of which our trained Recovery Companions are able to assist with, offering sober guidance…read more

Case Management

To find the right rehab or sober living facility, clients and their families often rely on our experience, guidance, and thorough understanding of their needs to establish optimal placement.  Since every facility has its own strengths and specific focus, trying to gather all of the information without any prior knowledge of the world of addiction treatment is usually overwhelming….read more

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