Judging and the Need to Protect Yourself

Where does this intense self-judgment come from?  People try to protect themselves from things they have no control over (everything).  Sometimes our judgments are hereditary.  Ideas get passed down from the generations before and worn like an old overcoat.  It’s a powerful urge - the urge to protect yourself.  We judge things, people, situations ... in order not to feel the fear of being judged ourselves.  The loneliness and harsh [...]

6 Simple (not easy) Ways to Peace of Mind

I’ve been thinking recently that I value peace of mind in my life more than most other things.  It can completely determine my state of mind for the day and my level of optimism for the future. Here are some guidelines that could do it for you. TELL THE TRUTH. That means don’t exaggerate, embellish, or flat out make something up.  The effort it takes to spin it around in [...]

What is the Basis of All Addiction? King Baby

King Baby … (egomaniacs with low self-esteem) … many of us are familiar with that term. What it means is - on the one hand - THINKING we deserve to have EVERYTHING GOOD and to be on top of the heap ... and - at the same time - not being willing to do the work to get there, or FEELING deep down that we really don’t deserve it. The [...]

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