Note:  Some names below have been changed to preserve anonymity.


“I have had the privilege of knowing Thérèse Byrne and Gemma Recovery for several years. As a clinician interventionist I particularly appreciate the collaborative nature of her work. She knows , practices and teaches great recovery skills. She is my east coast go to. I am proud to call Gemma Recovery and Thérèse Byrne my friend and Colleague ”

– Dr. Louise Stanger Ed.D, LCSW, CIP, CDWF
Author-Educator-Speaker Interventionist



“I could never have done this work without you and your team.  You were patient and kind from the first phone call.  My family thanks you and I thank you.”

– Pierce L., 2017



“The year that I spent working with Thérèse and Gemma Recovery Group was truly a remarkable time in my life.  The companion’s quiet grace, sharp wit, and phenomenal ability to get things accomplished served as a tremendous power of example to me – very inspirational.  Her deep understanding of the challenges that face us in sobriety are well balanced with her practice of patience and personalization when working with her clients.  Her sense of integrity and confidentiality are both attributes that I highly value.”


“Ultimately, she taught me the Sober Way.  I am forever beholden to her.  I do not believe that I would be as well, nor as wise, as I am today, were it not for the gift of the time spent working together.  Anyone who has the privilege of that opportunity should feel very grateful indeed.”

– Julia M., 2014



“My companion escorted me through a very difficult time with great compassion and an outpouring of personal care.  She was a steady companion who anticipated my every need.”

– Anna W., 2013



“Thank you for making the first 6 weeks of my coming home a lot less scary.  I was excited and nervous at the same time.  Gemma Recovery Group’s care and management made me feel like I had real guidance.  It really helped to have a guy there (my companion) in my corner.  We had a blast.  I hadn’t laughed so much in years.  Thanks for everything!”

– Vince R., 2015



“I’m sending this note to you on my one-year anniversary!  Working with you, Chelsea, and my recovery coach early on changed my life.  That teamwork had a profound impact on my wanting to get well – and stay well.  Thank you very much.  I am happy!”

– Brigid N., 2018



“I was desperate to stop drinking, but didn’t know how to stop.  I tried it on my own but never got past the first day.  I did a lot of research and talked to my doctor, and he suggested a Recovery coach.  I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant but was willing to think about it.  Being a typical alcoholic, it took me about a year – until I ended up in the hospital and knew I had to make serious changes.  I talked to my doctor and we decided that the best choice for me was a recovery coach.  I was introduced to Thérèse Byrne and Gemma Recovery Group.  I was immediately put at ease when I met my coach.  She stayed with me 24/7 for thirty days and changed my life.  I have been sober for almost 3 years now, and am thankful every day for her help.”

– Marie R., 2016



“My clients who were willing and able to work with Thérèse’s team at Gemma Recovery Group have been able to move through their issues with more focus and confidence through this valuable coaching tool. I refer to Gemma Recovery Group with complete confidence. It’s been my pleasure to collaborate with an agency that demonstrates reliable discretion and professionalism.”

– (NYC addiction/mental health therapist) May, 2018



“It was an immeasurable relief to have a companion with my son when he got home from his treatment center. We are so grateful for all the caring support Gemma Recovery Group offered to us during that time. We all felt very comfortable and had peace of mind knowing he had constant support to find his footing. I have high regard for Gemma Recovery Group.”

-(North Carolina family member) August, 2017

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