The primary purpose of a Sober Companion or Recovery Coach is to help individuals gain access to needed resources, services, or supports that will help them achieve recovery from their substance use disorder or mental health challenges.   Recovery Coaches can also help individuals transition through addiction treatment. Recovery coaches support the client in achieving and maintaining a solid foundation in recovery; building upon recovery to achieve other life goals that make recovery worthwhile. One could benefit from the support of a Sober Companion or Recovery Coach if new to recovery or recently experienced a relapse.

Recovery Coaches can help individuals sustain their recovery after an inpatient treatment component has been completed.  Dual-diagnosis clients have more complex treatment needs, often requiring integration of psychiatric services.

Individuals struggling with mental health or environmental factors that greatly inhibit their recovery generally warrant and benefit from additional time with a Recovery Coach.  In any case, the amount of time someone should have a sober companion depends on the individuals‘ wants and needs.  Our recommendations are on a case by case basis depending on many different factors. Consultations are always free and 100% confidential.

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