For those who suffer from addiction, the power of choice ends after the initial substance use. Explaining addiction to a non-addict may be difficult when non-addicts can sometimes judge a person by their initial actions. Further, willpower can actually push any underlying trauma down, which can make it even more difficult to overcome being an addict. When someone is fighting addiction, it is not enough to rely on willpower.  Once

Tolerance occurs when the initial dose of a substance loses its effectiveness over time and a person needs more drugs to produce the desired effect. There is evidence that structures in the brain change and are damaged by abuse that makes addiction possible. Neurochemicals in the body adjust to substance abuse beyond just tolerance.  With tolerance, it takes more and more to get that high, when a person is addicted,

Twelve step groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous are possibly the oldest and most well-established of the aftercare services in recovery. Twelve step groups frequently host fellowship events which are fun activities within a sober environment. Technique, and participants report success in using the Twelve Steps to conquer ills such as drug addiction, compulsive eating, and gambling obsessions.  Twelve step programs that see addiction as a disease tend to

Alcoholism emerges from alcohol abuse, when there’s a pattern of drinking despite negative consequences, in which no one test that can medically diagnose. The severity of the disorder lies on a spectrum, ranging from mild to severe dependence.  It is a diverse and complicated disease, and there are many factors that can make one person more vulnerable than another to suffer from it. The majority of time, the diagnoses of

Sober Companions are hired to provide assistance for patients in treatment and recovery, and are uniquely adept in relapse prevention methods, coping skills and crisis prevention.  They help the client make lifestyle changes in order to experience a better quality of life in the first crucial days after discharge from a treatment center.  Basically, a Sober Companion can help you get started in your new independent life. Usually, Sober Companions

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